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Social media makes it very easy to post and distribute information. This can sometimes lead to information overload as we struggle to keep up. For this reason, it’s important to find your anchor.

Your anchor is your general “theme” or focal point as a company when generating activity on social networks. Your anchor is that part of your business that you can talk about over and over and always find new ways to create buzz and new people to talk to.

An anchor can be a product. If you create great products or a great product line, post information on creative ways to use your product or tips on getting the most from it. Events also make great anchors. If you represent an event-centric organization, like an association or networking group, social media is a great way to distribute your events on a regular basis. Sites like Facebook and Smaller Indiana even let you accept RSVPs online.

Without an anchor, your social media activity can be a little fragmented and lack mojo. Find that theme, product, service, or area of expertise that you are passionate about as a company and tell the world about it in a way that benefits your constituents.

What’s your anchor?

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