So…being in business is easy right? Wrong! It seems that the flash of inspiration that you had one day whilst doing the dishes has already been accomplished by superior visionaries and innovators. Five minutes browsing the web reveals thet there are so many companies and individuals already living your dream, how dare they??!! Not to be put off by some healthy competition (surely there’s enough work to go around and we all have our own unique selling point,) I went ahead with my business idea and realised that my research has proved accurate…there is plenty of competition and if you’re not on the first couple of pages of Google, chances are, you’re virtually invisible.

Of course, everyone knows about social media networking and how this can increase your web presence and in turn help you to develop new business contacts (especially in my job as a Career Consultant, my customers are individuals not businesses.) What is lesser known is how to unlock these mysteries and make it work for your own business. My web stats were somewhat below expectations which made the conversion rate less so. I have always been a fan of the “Dummies Guides” and they have proved helpful so I tapped into Kyle’s Twitter Marketing for Dummies, thinking it would be a good starting place. Wow! Look no further!

Now endowed with Nearby Tweets, Tweepsearch and Tweetscan, just some of the tools available to ensure that I was targeting and following a relevant audience (thus making my content of value to potential followers), my job of marketing suddenly entered realms of massive possibilities. After just one day of the implementation of just some of these ideas my daily web traffic record more than quadrupled. After one month my monthly stats record had tripled, this figure is forecast to double again this month.

Now, my follower / followee base is steadily increasing (without making me look like a spammer) and as a direct result, email enquiries are now coming in from around the UK, and as far as India!!

In summary, I know that I am good at my job but my marketing skills needed attention. Enter Twitter Marketing! Giving away valuable ideas and content in the form of blogs and articles didn’t seem entirely the right thing to do, but it works, people realise that you know what you’re talking about and they want to know more.

Not only have these ideas increased my visibility and presence in cyberspace, it’s been a lot of fun and made my job of reaching people with my message enjoyable. I have gleaned a boat-load of other excellent ideas from people I engage with on Twitter.

What’s not to love?
Dave Smith is a Career Consultant in the UK – 17+ Years experience serving Jobseekers and Employers alike. Up-to-date knowldege of navigating the recruitment process and optimising the possibility of getting to an interview and getting onto the shortlist.