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Disco is dead, and so is the Lone Ranger.

In Saturday Night Fever, John Travolta loves to dance but stands alone as he poses for the movie poster. With Social Media, you can too. Dress up, preen with every post and make sure it’s all about you. Shake your booty and show us all you’ve got.

The Shake Your Booty Outfit goes in the What Not to Wear closet for social media.

Instead of Shake Your Booty, try the Move and Shaker Ensemble. Move and shake your resources to build your local community. Listen to your customers, care about them, and answer them. Showcase unsung heroes. Inspire those you know to dig deeper, reach higher, and help each other.

Reality TV gets viewers. Reality branding is here, but most companies haven’t figured that out. Show us behind the scenes in your business. Let us meet the people in your office and get to know them. Give them and your fan base a real voice through social media.

If you become known as the Mover and Shaker, you won’t stand alone on the dance floor at the end of the party. Instead, you’ll be like Patrick Swayze at the end of Dirty Dancing.

Lots of mistakes are made in Dirty Dancing, but everyone gets a fresh start at movie’s end. Johnny puts a new record on the player. He and Francis begin to dance. The other staff join in the dance. They pull in the resort guests. By the end of the song, everyone is dancing together and trying new steps. New relationships begin.

This is what good corporate social media strategy can do. Your moves on the dance floor now determine whether everyone’s dancing with you.
Don’t be a solo act wonder.

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