I’ve got a bone to pick and it is with you… YOU! The guy/girl who decides to send me random LinkedIN and Twitter messages telling me about his new social media project that I should try out. You are really excited to tell hundreds of random people about a new product or service. This is cold calling and it needs to stop. You are screwing up my day. Period.

Here is what a LinkedIN cold call looks like:

Hey [ insert email/linkedin name]

Hello, we’ve not met before, but the reason for the message is that you mentioned you were open to new ventures and business deals. I am from the Indianapolis area, working with a business mentorship and development group out of Charlotte, NC doing some things online. We are working with over 1300 companies – blah blah blah – to name a few. We are expanding now and your profile fits what we’re looking for. I know this is kind of a shot in the dark, but I was checking to see if you (or someone you know with a profile similar to yourself) are currently looking for a secondary income or open-minded to some new business ideas? If so, what we’d need to do is schedule a 10 minute phone interview to give a brief overview of what we’re putting together. I’d need you to have internet access at that time. If interested, please respond with several available dates/times and a way to reach you by phone.

[spammer name]

Do I really have to say anything more? Why do you feel the need to email me on LinkedIN? How do you know I have any interest in your product or service? Did you communicate with me first? Do you care about what I think or what I have to say? How do you know I am a good pick for what you are doing? Did you just minimize me to a profile?

Next time you decide to direct market on LinkedIN maybe you should pick out a couple of people to start COMMUNICATING with instead of spamming thousands.

I do not care about your product and if you ever message me again… I will get Kayne to interrupt your typing and life.

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