Many of you have probably been getting hundreds of invites for a site called Blue Chip Expert. I decided to join and check it out for myself. The site touts itself as being the “Premier Talent Source.”

In the about section of the site they state:
Blue Chip Expert is in the business of making recruiters more efficient and more effective by automating the agency search process through a combination of premier social networks, advanced people search technology, and targeted job referrals.

Basically the concept of the site is to gain multiple network professionals within a certain area to refer their contact list. The site pulls white collar workers into the site by stating they will give referral dollars to any of the contacts that receive a placement through the Blue Chip Network. Good idea? Maybe.

The Blue Chip site has created a network which creates a database of white collar workers throughout the country. My guess is that they are betting on a small number of the thousands of invitations being sent out to be credible sources for job placement.

Can they get it done? Maybe. Hopefully soon. I am tired of getting invitations.