The social media team at ExactTarget decided to track and review the top trends over the course of the tournament and define what truly makes a team the social champions of the tournament. We tracked over 350 keywords from March 15th to April 2nd including all teams and related keywords. Check out what we found:

  1. 2,065,060 total tweets over the tournament
  2. “Final Four” was the top trending word with 466,492 tweets
  3. Kentucky raked in 147,916 tweets during the Championship game compared to Kansas with 97,328
  4. Lehigh won in the South for most mentions during a game with 9015 in the 2nd Round
  5. Ohio State topped the mentions column during the tourney with over 20,000 tweets during the first four rounds of the tournament
  6. Bracket madness directly hit Twitter with the most popular tweet coming from @Sportscenter after the Norfolk State win over Mizzou
  7. Not surprisingly, English represented the largest language set with 96% of the overall tweets. This is different from the Oscars where Brazil brought in 13% of the overall tweets.

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