We are proud to announce three new seminars for the month of April. Check out the follow below

APRIL 7th – Twitter 101 : The Power Behind the Bird

This the beginning. Learn from the author of Twitter Marketing for Dummies on how to fully maximize Twitter to create customer relationships that will actually… last.
We will be breaking down the common uses of Twitter as well as the following points:

  • The Twitter Basics
  • Setting up and maximizing your profile
  • The importance of re-tweeting
  • Sharing content that matters
  • Time productivity tools Is quantity better than quality?
  • Using Twitter to grow your business
  • The secrets to maximizing Twitter search
  • And much.. much.. much.. more!

This seminar is for both the beginner and the intermediate user.

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APRIL 14th – Building Your Personal Brand Through Social Media

Your personal brand is what sells your product. We are all building personal relationships and our networks to strive to be better professionals. Are you doing the most to make your online brand impressive and true? Your personal brand drives everything in life.

This seminar will show you the top ten ways to use social media to build your personal brand. You will learn how to improve your online persona when communicating to others. As a business owner, it’s essential for you to demonstrate your knowledge. Your knowledge builds trust – and the best place to start is with your own personal brand.

  • How to create your “story”
  • What to do if people are talking about you (good or bad)
  • Creating a leveraging a blog
  • How to leverage LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • The “Six Ps” for improving your online brand
  • The Must Do’s and Dont’s to building your personal brand

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APRIL 21st – Creating a Social Media Policy for Your Employees

It is probably not a secret that social media is scaring the CRAP out of your company. Do you have a policy in place to teach your employees the right and wrong ways to use social media? Have you offered training to help ease the change into the new world of communication?

In Building a Social Media Policy for Your Company, we examine how to draft a companywide policy to share with your employees on what they can and can not do on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites. You will be taught exactly what should be in a social media policy, update your knowledge on the perils of social media for your company, and be able to discuss the topic with key executives at your company.

We will also be emailing you a social media policy in Microsoft Word to help in your editing process.

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