…And You Don’t Know What to Do. So Jump!

Preparation. Training. Practice, practice, practice. Vigil & discipline & duty & repetition. A smidgen of ingenuity & a touch of class and merging new media with the classics becomes second nature.

All those tips & tricks & shortcuts will become tools in your arsenal before too long. But all the Tweet Laters & scheduled posts & syndicated messages will not account for the time & effort it takes to make this stuff look as easy & inviting as everyone dreams it to be when they first blog, tweet and share something on Facebook.

In the end, if you decide to jump into this & make it work for you, what will determines your will be in those little decisions you make when you have the free time to make them.

Leveraging time after the 40+ hours a week

In his keynote address during the 2009 Blog Indiana Social Media and Bloggging Conference, Chris Brogan told us the crowd about how he used to leverage every penny and free moment he had to attend every scheduled industry conference he could find. Every resource he had went into registration costs, discussion forums, travel, hotel…All with the hope that there was a continental breakfast or something he could load up on so as to not spend money on food.

A couple best selling-books and a successful company later, and Brogan’s still spanning the globe, leveraging his time to help grow the community. So much so that he’s got his own conventions now.

And I’ll leverage my time to get to more of those events.

Which means summer ends a little sooner for this year.

The end of summer means the start of the trade show season. The first one I’ll be hitting is Blog Indiana at IUPUI in Indianapolis. Lacy will be one of the featured speakers at the event. I”ll be running around all over the place.

If there’s only one event you can make it to, make it Blog Indiana. If you can’t make it to the convention itself, at least try to sneak out to the after-party. This year, the day one after party will be at Sun King Brewery.

Whatever time you can leverage.

And if we don’t see you there, well, hopefully we’ll see you somewhere. Because if you don’t end up going somewhere, you’ll end up going nowhere.

So you come to the edge of a cliff and you don’t know what to do. So jump.” – John Lennon (Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now. By Barry Miles. 1996.)

Nat Finn is an Internet Marketing Specialist at Golden Technologies. He also serves as an Officer for NWITweetup and as a Regional Director for Blog Indiana. With the time left over, he writes for SEO Boy as well as his own blog, “How to Publish a Book. Of Blues. Hopefully.” It leaves him little time left over to finish his Books of Blues. Luckily, he’s found a few friends to help him with the editing.