There are times when you come across stories that are profoundly inspiring. There are acts of extreme human resolve that can keep you pushing ahead with the things that need to be done. Ben McDonald is a friend from Anderson University that plays, writes, and performs with the band Sidewalk Prophets. I had the pleasure of knowing Ben in college and he has undertaken and extreme makeover that has left me feeling… well a little overwhelmed… in a good way.

In order to gain the full perspective I decided to embed this slideshow in order for you to view the overwhelming change Ben has gone through over the course of a year.

It is hard not be inspired by stories like this. He has made it through his 290-some workout and is pushing ahead to become a healthier individual. Do you feel inspired to finish something you started? I know I do. How are you going to use stories like Ben to enrich your life and help you along the path to success or greatness? It takes dedication and hard work to realize the kind of potential that you are capable of in life.

What are you going to do to make this week the start to something great?

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