I’ve been meaning to write this post for the past couple of years and I finally had a reason to do so. As many of you know, Scott Dorsey has officially left as CEO of the Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud. He is turning over the leadership reigns of the company he co-founded over a decade ago and is leaving a lasting legacy on the people who have had the immense opportunity to serve with him…. which is the whole point of this post.
My interactions with Scott started before I joined ExactTarget and have shaped the way I view leadership, business management and my own personal brand. The story begins in a difficult time in my life… the first lessons starts there.

1. Take time to mentor the younger generations.
2. Remember names and people.
3. Focusing on brand builds culture and success.
4. Community development is as important as business development.
5. Investment should be equally placed in brand, infrastructure and product.
6. Every employee should be empowered.
7. Embracing innovation drives meaningful change.
8. Digital channels must be used as a communication tool.

Read more about Scott’s influential leadership style on my LinkedIn profile.