So, I get a link through WordPress from Advergirl. The link was an announcement that she had tagged me in a post. The post was a meme that was (as far as I can tell) started by Ad Broad called 7 Things About Me. Well, I absolutely love Leigh so I decided to do it and post 7 Things About ME.

7 Things About Me

1. I started and ran my first business my sophomore year of high school called Picture Perfect Lawn Care. I have a really good friend named Randy that was new to Anderson when I started the company. We become really good friends because he had a license and I was 15. :-)

2. Like Leigh, I also have a box full of lovey-dovey camp letters from a church camp I attended in high school. We would color on manila envelopes and post them on the wall categorized by cabin number. If you had your eye on a pretty lass you would write her a quick note to meet you after prayed time.I still have… all of them.

3. My favorite author is Milan Kundera. My favorite book by Mr. Kundera is the Unbearable Lightness of Being.

4. I have the tendency to become obsessed with certain things throughout life. I have an addictive personality which can be (and is) detrimental to relationships. Whether it is being a workaholic or blogging uncontrollably it can be a good and bad trait.

5. I rarely ever cook at home. If I am cooking at home it means to is one of four things: Macaroni, Ramen, turkey sandwich or rice and chicken. That’s it. I hate cooking.

6. I would love a dog. My favorite dog in the world is a chocolate lab. I just do not have the time to devout to taking care on animal. I desperately would like to have one in the next year.

7. My biggest pet-peeve is stupid people. And I’m not talking on any level other than common sense. USE YOUR HEAD! I love most everyone else. :-)

Okay so you are suppose to tag 7 more people you want to learn more about. Here it goes.

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Jennifer Leggio

There you go. I am calling you out. 7 Things.