I was forwarded an e-newsletter from Harvard Business Publish by my business party in Brandswag.. Brandon Coon. They have a section of the newsletter called Daily Stat. In the Daily Stat it stated that Technorati has indexed an upwards of 133 Million blogs and that 46% (61 Million) of those blogs are about industry and profession. Wow!

Let me preface this by saying that we are not quite sure how active the 61 million blogs are in content but this is still a staggering number. The Daily Stat also stated that 79% blog about personal interests. What does this mean to the business community?

People are talking about you. Services and products are a part of our daily lives. There is bound to be a writer in the mass of the 79% that writes about YOUR product or service. Are you listening?

The stat went onto say that only 12% of those Technorati blogs catered to corporate blogging. This shows huge market potential for coporate blogging in the following months. The trend is growing and individuals are starting to listen… both in the small business market and the corporate market.

61 Million blogs about professions. Did anyone say B2B Marketing potential? I think so.

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