Good morning everyone! Here is the third installment of the 10 Commandments to Social Media Marketing. We have been talking about listening to consumers and about transforming your product into an experience but now it is time for the main enchilada: Honesty and Trust.

In his book, Emotional Branding, Marc Gobe talks about taking a brand from honesty to trust. We have been relating his 10 Commandments of Emotional Branding to social media and the third commandment hits it home for me.

From Marc:

“Honesty is expected. Trust is engaging and intimate. It needs to be earned…Trust is something else altogether. It is one of the most important values of a brand and it requires real effort from corporations. It is what you would expect from a friend.”

Honesty is expected? Absolutely it is expected! This is not only a moral and ethical obligation for a company but YOU (the corp) are going to be found out anyway. With millions of bytes of content being produced on a daily basis it is important to remember to be honest with all the content being developed surrounding your plan.

Social media allows you to take ENGAGE with your clients. It creates multiple tools that allows you to build a relationship and interact with the people that will spread your message to their friends and eventually the masses. Trust can be built in an online environment. It can be built by using the tools available to you through Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, LinkedIN… etc… etc… etc…

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