I was reading the new Razorfish FEED Digital Brand Experience Report for 2009. This report is unbelievable and has some amazing statistics to help further the goal of increased use of digital marketing. I am going to be devoting the rest of this week to breaking down the Razorfish report.

At the beginning of the report Razorfish states:

65% of consumers report having had a digital experience that either positively or negatively changed their opinion about a brand. 97% say that their digital experience influenced whether or not they eventually purchased a product of service from that brand.

Razorfish surveyed 1,000 U.S. consumers (50.5% female, 49.5% male) in four major age groups. The consumers that were surveyed have spent $150 online in the past six months and have broadband access to the Internet. According to the PEW Internet & American Life Project, about 63% of all Americans today have a high-speed Internet. The use of broadband stat stat roughly translates to 200 million people.

With 65% of broadband users being influenced by brands online (130 million) it may be important to start debating importance of digital marketing. The use of the Internet is only going to increase over the next 5 to 10 years. It is important for brands to start learning and educating their employees and consumers on the values of digital marketing.

What is even more important than the 65% statistic is the fact that almost ALL of the 130 million people influenced by a brand made the decision to purchase (or not purchase a product) based on their digital experience.

Decisions are being made online. Are you putting enough emphasis on your digital brand… or are you wasting that money on a stationary billboard that individuals can not interact with?

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