I missed you world and of course… I am under the assumption that you missed me too. However, we all know what happens when you assume something. It’s good to be back in the saddle after a couple of weeks off from the world of business, technology, and social media. The year of 2011 is shaping up to be a exciting year for the world and our team at MindFrame (more to come about that later).

I’ve been reading the articles and posts predicting trends and advancements for the new year. It is interesting to see the different perspectives that have built themselves out over the year. I decided to list the posts I have read and the different predictions I have for the new year.

1. Technology in 2011: A Guide from the people at Pocket-lint

2. Websites have and will continue to become content portals instead of billboards.

3. Facebook will complete an IPO with Goldman Sachs.

4. I will not be able to buy the initial offering… as hard as I may try.

5. Social Media : The Hot Topic at CES for 2011

6. 75 New Year Resolutions for the Internet in 2011 from Doug Karr

7. 6 Predictions for Social Media in 2011 from Holy Kaw!

8. One-to-one direct response marketing will be the pinnacle of advancement in PR, technology, and marketing.

9. The job “social media consultant” will become a “commodity product.”

10. Google will lose even more ground to Facebook in the world of social media – from the Social Media Dudes

11. The Great Social Network Cleanup of 2011 < completely agree with this post.

12. Measurement will be even more important in the world of marketing because of the meshing of service offerings (direct mail + social).

13. ExactTarget will have an explosive year with their new Interactive Marketing Hub.

14. Any marketer who can take an online experience and add entertainment or some other real-world value will reap big rewards.

15. Conversion metrics will change drastically as technology becomes more advanced.

16. Restructuring of sites more important than new social media entities.

17. Corporate Blogging for Dummies will change the way people think about corporate content.

18. Valerie Maltoni’s favorite post is by John Battelle called – Predictions 2011

19. Companies will integrate social feedback into their decision making decisions – from ReadWriteWeb

20. Corporate dollars will transform tools to further measure viability of Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare etc…

21. OpenID will finally die? ūüôā

22. WordPress will falter, lose writers, but rebound wil new advancements.

23. Tumblr… well good luck.

24. With iPhone and iPad leading the pack with 7 billion application downloads… mobile will become even more of a necessity than 2010.

25. Welcome to the year of location based services like Foursquare and GoWalla.

26. Groupon will sell to Google.

27. Netflix will make huge advancements in streaming video and development of their services. 16.9 million subscribers using Netflix as of 3rd quarter 2010.

28. Top 20 Reasons Businesses will fail at Social Media in 2011.

29. Social Media will finally turn boring and dull according to Sysomos.

30. Mashups, Televised Social Media, and Wikileaks – Welcome to 2011

31. Accountability will become even more important.

32. The traditional advertising and PR agency model will start to falter exponentially but a few will reinvent the model and rebound!

33. Billboard advertising spend will drop and more innovative approaches will need to be taken from agencies.

34. Social media will become even more “social.”

35. I predict that all the essentials will be just the same in 2011, as they were in 2010, 1910 and 1810 etc – Jim Connolly

36. YouTube beats Yahoo – video will convert.

37. Email will become even more important in the world of direct response marketing.

38. Traditional budgets will be reallocated to interactive marketing.

39. Content will be king… again.

40. 30 Social Media Predictions from 30 Social Media Professionals.

41. Quora will leave beta and become a serious player.

42. Mobile news apps will help the traditional news space rebound from declining subscribers.

43. Twitter will add a like button and create more interaction space between users.

44. Interactive marketing spend will skyrocket.

45. Hospital and health networks will make huge advancements in mobile technology within their walls.

46. Lower prices for corporate and small business social media monitoring.

47. Social influence will bump and curve search engine results.

48. Facebook will hit the 1 billion mark.

49. Facebook’s internal “email system” will not harm gmail.

50. Question and answer sites will be the break out stars.

51. Restaurants will make advancements and partner with point-of-sale systems and location based networks to offer more niched incentives.

52. There will be further debate in the walls of Capitol Hill on net neutrality and privacy laws.

53. Women will dominate the world of Twitter and Facebook.

54. Twitter will provide more multimedia content and development.

55. Facebook will dominate the mobile/social space if they can figure out their poor performing iPhone App.

56. “Social commerce” will trump “the cloud” as the key term of 2011.

57. Spending for data privacy and security will increase 27%.

58. Wikipedia will raise $89 million by year-end 2011.

59. Myspace may make a comeback…. maybe.

60. Larger agency networks will continue to downsize and this will lead to more start-up agencies and a glut of freelancers in the marketplace.

62. Google Instant and Google Local will play major roles in search fro 2011.

63. Internet driven television is still a couple years out… however… internet driven applications for television is here to stay.

64. Chuck Gose will finally obtain his doctorate of being awesome.

65. Mobile devices will become increasingly easier to use in vehicles.

66. Daily Deals and Group Buying will drastically change pricing models.

67. Facebook’s ecommerce push will mean huge revenues for the company.

68. Newspapers will be more successful with daily deals than the Yellow Pages – from Praized.

69. Bebo gets a new owner… again.

70. Direct mail spending will trend slightly up.

71. Startups will become smarter, leaner, and more innovative.

72. Quick Response Codes will help demystify product purchasing and decision making.

73. Facebook will launch a distributed ad network to take on Google – from Bob Troia

74. American’s will continue to watch even more¬†television¬†and teen pregnancy will increase.

75. Nonprofits will develop more money in content development and engagement platforms than 2011.

76. Twitter is here to stay and will become more powerful over the next 6 months.

77. However, the business center may fail miserably.

78. Google will buy the film and studio library.

79. Consumers won’t buy a product unless they feel they‚Äôve gotten a great deal on it, and they expect a reward for spreading the word.

80. Facebook is developing advanced Data Mining and Predictability Modeling for advertisers – 1st step in ‘Real-time Search.’

81. The Android phone will have major improvements over 2011.

82. Rich media will become increasingly necessary to drive conversions and decrease bounce rates for websites.

83. Google TV will resurface by the end of the year.

84. Users will come to expect interactive content to explain unique identifiers for products and services.

85. Second life will fail miserably as free social words become more prevalent.

86. People will become healthier and more active by using increasingly helpful mobile and social applications to stay fit.

87. Cloud-based communications will continue to gain in importance.

88. Tablet computers will replace laptops.

89. Email will become increasingly more integrate with social applications and sites.

90. More small businesses will use email as a way to further the message of their brand.

91. Increased adoption of corporate blogs and more transparency from executives at major corporations.

92. Communities will grow in their importance to sway purchasing decisions. The old saying of ‚ÄúBirds of a feather, flock together‚ÄĚ will prove to be more poignant in 2011 than at almost any other time, marketing-wise, in 2011 – from Big Fat Marketing Blog

93. Influencers will rule the web.

94. Spend some money and get the real stuff – Forrester’s 2011 Interactive Marketing Predictions.

95. In 2011 Social Media Companies will collapse (as we know it) as the market realizes that digital marketing is not an island and Social Media is not a mystery. Large Agencies and Small Marketing Service firms will collide, and their services will overlap one another. -from Daniel Herndon from Indianapolis Marketing Company redwall LIVE

96. Relevance will become the new standard.

97. DSPs (Demand Side Platforms) will fade into the fabric of larger marketing platforms.

98. Windows 7 mobile will revolutionize the phone and tablet world.

99. Continued proliferation of smartphones and mobile Internet advertising.

100. There will be several massive funds raised that will roll up smaller ecommerce companies (a ton of $1-$20 million acquisitions). from James Paden at Convertive.

101. The world will not be destroyed in 2012.

This is just a start and we all know that the world will be significantly different when 2012 pulls around the corner.

Good luck and Happy New Year!