cLinkedIn is a powerful tool. It incorporates all the features one needs for networking, job searching, sales, and employees. You can also utilize LinkedIn to connect with old friends or colleagues. If you intend to use it for business then other your help to others first. It’ll leave a good impression and well…they’ll owe you one. Let’s discuss in detail the plethora of LinkedIn options.

1. The Events Feature. Never really sure what events to attend pertaining to your industry? The Events feature offers event search but also recommends events for you based off your profile. It offers information about attendees and updates surround the event. So far there are eight thousand events with the option for event organizers to add more.

2.Linked up with your other social profiles. Potential business opportunities can come from all over the place but LinkedIn is thier one stop shop. Once you’ve made your connections people can view your profile and then click away to your website, blog or Twitter account (make sure you put those links on your profile).

3. The Power of Staying in Touch. You may not be needing LinkedIn for job hunting or anything business related. However, LinkedIn is great for staying in touch. It’s a updated by its users making it a reliable current database.

4. Applications. LinkedIn offers a range of applications that help you make the most of your profile. One great application is SlideShare. This allows you to share your presentations and save them on the web. You can show your connections your expertise and range of knowledge through one easy to use application. You can also set up polls to find out valuable information and share your blog.

5. Groups…SubGroups. These groups can be great for announcements, upcoming events, discussions and for finding out valuable information. Remember these groups and subgroups should be joined because you have genuine interest in what the group is about. If used correctly, it’s powerful for making connections and staying “in the know.” Plus with the Groups Feature you can find the best discussions, most influential within your groups and more.

6. Finding A Job. This alone speaks volumes. If your in the market and looking for a job (or employee) then LinkedIn is a powerful source. You can search for businesses looking to hire in your level of expertise. It’s better then looking through wanted ads. You can also see if you have any mutual connections for quick references and common ground. LinkedIn also alerts you when someone has viewed your profile, not specifically who, but at least you know there is interest.

7. You Get your Name Out There. By staying active on your LinkedIn profile you can ask for action! This will help gain their interest and can result in real life interaction. The more active you are in taking part in discussions, posting information, asking questions-the more likely your name is going to stick in people’s memories.

8. Brag, Boast and Gloat. Tell people what makes you so great. Fill out your summary by using strong choice words. The power behind doing this is that people will come to think of you by these words. This isn’t the place to share your shortcomings and how you’ve you overcome them. It’s place to tell why your the best and then back it up with action. Plus you LinkedIn profile is search-able on Google so represent yourself well.

9. Recommendations. If you’ve had a good business relationship with anoter LinkedIn member, ask for a recommendation. Be careful not to ask just to ask. You want people who know you and can honestly write a good recommendation. Then you can return the favor since their recommendation gives you good credentials. Plus your recommendation gives them exposure on your profile. It’s a win win.

10. What have you found that makes LinkedIn such a powerful resource? Fill in the number 10 spot.