There is a question as common and as old as Shakespeare, “to be or not to be”. Whether Will intended this for business or not it can be applied. I’m not the first to say that sometimes I find myself struggling with where to focus my attention and energy. In this modern day the question becomes “to do or not to do”. I understand that this is somewhat of a stretch but the question still remains….how should we spend our time in order to accomplish our goals? Both in business and in life.

We can all agree that there is always something that we can be doing. The important thing is to determine what needs to be done and when. You don’t want to feel as though you’ve missed out on an opportunity because you were too busy with something else. In any great strategy plan there is a goal, objectives and then, of course, the tactics. If your lucky you can hire an intern or have an individual that supports all the small details while you focus on important tasks. If you don’t have this privilege then phrase your “to do” and align it with your goals. Do they match up? Can you do one without the other? All your tactics should be planned and followed in order to reach the intended goal.

It’s hard.
It’s damn hard.

Remember, everything that is done is not necessarily for the greater good of the business. There is always a reason “to do or not to do” something.

The key?

Finding balance with what can be done now and should be done NOW. Also, keep your plan in the forefront of your mine as to avoid getting pulled in a million different directions.

Hell, it’s easy. Write it down.

It’s okay to say no. It’s okay not to do everything that comes your way.