Corvida from SheGeeks had an interesting post titled, “Why Are “We” More Willing Than The Mainstream?” The post is a brief breakdown of her thoughts on why the mainstream world is less inclined to dive into social media. She lays out three reasons: Interests, Time, and Productivity. I wanted to add a fourth level to the mix: Ego (social recognition).

Every person on this planet has some type of social need. Most of us have a desire to be recognized. Recognition could mean a lot of things. Recognition from your spouse. Recognition from your boss. Recognition from your peers. It is not a shameful thing to say you want a fair share of ego boost. You want your “balloon” filled but not POPPED.

The mainstream world (non-social media users) get their egocentric needs filled in other means. Instead of trying to get noticed by Scoble, they are trying to push to the Chamber of Commerce.

Why do we do what we do?

Interest: We love the concept built around technology and social media.
Time: Some of us do it for a living. We try to spend as much time as possible online.
Productivity: Are we really? haha
Ego: The social recognition of being a “thought-leader.”