What do the following 6 things have in common?

1.Track Media Performance
2.Monitor Sports Landscape
3.Tracks Sports Trends and Buzz
4.Track Brand Attributes
5.Monitor Online Discussion
6.Proactive Social Media Outreach

This is Gatorade’s Mission Control.

Why should you care? Well, this is the future. Everyday companies are spending more energy and time on creating social data. They are also mastering the art of tracking, monitoring and creating all things brand related. Gatorade has an impressive, to say the least, social media command center. After reading this post on Gatorade’s’ Social Media Command Center I became slightly more enthralled by what this company is doing. They have honed in on what makes their brand work…what influences athletes….what engages….and then how to monitor all of this on one command center.

Essentially this command center allows them to make informed marketing decisions. Where the rest of us are stuck waiting on progress reports they are able to be proactive throughout an entire campaign. If something isn’t working they can adjust it automatically. Gatorade is monitoring its brand on social media while giving VIP access to more athletes. Gatorade is gaining perspective on whether or not this strategy works. If deemed successful the company will apply this to other areas of business.

What can you learn?

Let’s face it. You may not have the capabilities to create a state of the ark command center. However, you do have the capabilities to sow what they reap.

1. Follow Gatorade’s progress to gain perspective on what consumers pay attention to.
2.You can monitor what’s being said  by taking time out to listen. You may not have high tech gadgets but you can do what they are doing.
3. Focus on your brand. What do you bring to the table? Track, monitor and create for your brand in all ways possible.
4. See what’s going on in your industry. Research what consumers are saying, tweeting, blogging, trending all in regards to your industry.
5. Reach out to consumers on social meda. Make new friends, ask/answer questions, begin discussions….
6. Be Creative. Take risks and set your brand apart. Maybe the next post you read will be about your great achievements.