Shopping online just got a whole lot easier. This is for all the stay-at-home moms, lazy dads and impatient people. Okay… I’m kidding… except for online shopping really has gotten easier. We are all busy and retailers have noticed. According to DMNews companies such as Avon, 1-800-Flowers, Gaiam and Brooks Brothers have added e-commerce to their fan pages and member news feeds. Facebook once again proves its functionality. Retailers can sell directly on Facebook by adding a “Shop” tab to a Facebook fan page. Fans can browse products directly on Facebook. This makes total sense. Not only can consumers visit their favorite brands on their favorite social media site they can now easily purchase without ever leaving. People spend a ton of time on Facebook and online shopping is a must for some so this expansion was only a matter of time.

Why should retailers follow suit…

1. Engaging with customers. The more time a customer spends on the companies fan page the more loyal they’ll become. Loyalty spurs customer evanglists which spurs brand awareness then growth… get the point.

2.Keep it Simple Stupid. Retailers understand the value of keeping things easy, simple and quick. People will spend more money on your brand if its easy to get/use. Consumers are literally shopping within news feeds and they can shop on fan pages just as easily as if on the actual web site.

3. Privacy. Implementing e-commerce apps or “Shop” tab allows customers to buy directly without giving their private information away. These companies specifically mentioned work with a technologies service firm Alvenda, so customers can feel secure when purchasing that their information goes to the store not Facebook.

4. Give the customer what they want. For example, if you have an upcoming birthday you  can shop on their fan pages and put things on a registry or wish lists that can be shared on Facebook. Now there is no excuse for your friend to say I didn’t know what to get you….

5. “Like”. The reality is that some people rarely venture off their own live news feed, which means they may or may find your brand’s fan page. Companies like Levis, who was one of the first to use “Social Plugins” tool lets customers create pages for products they “like”. If the consumer “likes” something it will pop up on their news feed as well as the brand’s site. It’s a win-win.

Essentially, shopping is a social experience. Why not take it to the ultimate social site? The major benefit here is the influence that sharing has on friends and networks. Consumers can shop while seeing what others like and what’s popular with who.

Ecommerce web design is an important aspect to ensure conversion rates are maximum potential.