My name is Kyle Lacy and I’m a recovering networker.

There was a time in my life when I couldn’t attend enough networking events. I would attend four, five, or six events a week. I would have piles of business cards on my desk. They were all begging me to be entered into the CRM (or excel… let’s be honest).

There was a time when I loved meeting people and then life happened. Business became extremely busy because of all the “networking.” Marketing and branding helped bring people in the door and projects started.

I stopped meeting new people. At the time… it was a great idea. I didn’t have the time! However, I have discovered something extremely important in the past couple of weeks.

You can never meet enough people. You should never sit down and think, “Hey. I’ve met everyone. This is awesome. I’m going to retire.”

I’m never (again) going to be the rabid and crazy networking fiend. I’m not going to attend many networking events. However, I am going to be more proactive at meeting people. I’m going to use LinkedIn and  be introduced to people who I can learn from.

I’m also going to be more proactive about strengthening my “old” relationships.

I am going to set aside time everyday to strengthen my core contacts and meet new ones.

ARe you?