It has been an extremely busy time around the office of Brandswag Corp. I have unfortunately not been able to contribute to my blog in the way I would like and I haven’t been getting on FriendFeed (the biggest sin of all).

I thought I would post a couple links of people I have been reading recently which I find extremely interesting. Their point of view on social media is deep and crosses all points of the model.

Andy DeSoto: The Social Tug of War:

Best Line from the post: “…the unfortunate truth is that online social media pulls us away from being truly social, and in this game of tug of war, the only loser is often ourselves.”

Alexander van Elsa: Free is not dead. It’s the accompanying advertisement model that needs to be killed

Best Line from the post: “I prefer a business model where the user gets value, and you monetize on that value.

Brady Wood: People Matter: Manage Knowing This

Best Line from the post: “I know we are in a new age, however nothing can replace a top executives face to face acknowledgment, or encouragement, and coaching.”

Erik Deckers: Politics Make Loud Bedfellows

Best line from the post: “Really?” I thought. “You’re college educated and presumably informed about state politics, and all you got is ‘haircuts?’ What’s next, a shot about her shoes?”

Corvida: Twitter ReDesign Finally Goes Live

Best Line from the post: FYI: TechCrunch copied and pasted practically my entire post about this. (FYI I love Crovida)

So there is a quick look at what I have been reading today. If you haven’t subscribed to the people listed above I suggest you do… and STAT!

Have a great Friday and an amazing weekend!