I had the pleasure of meeting Adam Small after “running” into him at Smaller Indiana.

What do you love about social media?

The opportunity to meet other people.

What is your favorite tool to use when connecting to other people?

The only real social tools I use are Twitter and Smaller Indiana. Smaller Indiana is more of a site than  a tool. If we are speaking on social media tools it would be Twitter.

Have you met any of your followers on Twitter?


Okay. So who is the most memorable?

James is someone that I have met off twitter. Patrick Welch is also another follower I have met off of Twitter.

What did you like about meeting him?

We have similar interests in technology.

What do you do in the offline world?

My wife and I own a mobile marketing company. The company is called Connective Mobile. What we do is we help our customers and clients reach their clients using text messaging.

Give me an example of a client that you have helped?

One of the best clients we have helped is Noodles & Company here in Indianapolis. They have a different text club for their stores here and in Bloomington. They have managed to grow them to a couple hundred.

What does that mean to you? Growing to a couple of hundred?

What does that mean? More revenue for us. When we see our client gaining more following in their text messaging clubs it means that the whole process is working.

What do you love about what you do?

I’m a tech guy and I like to make things work for people. I love to create innovative solutions for my clients.

What is your favorite Spam bot on twitter?

I got one the other day that I thought was Spam: kyleplacy and firstdaddy