Direct mail… Yellow pages… Many traditional marketing concepts have killed the personality of your company. They have taken the story you had at the beginning… that wonderful plan to rule the world and do it with your mind.. and yes they trampled it. Do you find yourself asking the question.. “How did I get here?”

How did I become part of the pack? Doing the same marketing and communications strategy as everyone else..

It is interesting to read blog post like the one by Jay Baer at Convince&Convert called Marketing Sideways to Win at Social MEdia, that call for companies to start marketing their personality instead of something NOT interesting.

Times are tough. Marketing is tough. Competition is fierce. You have to dig down deep to reach the personality and the interesting world of what makes you DIFFERENT from everyone else.

Use new tools like social media. Social media has the strength of bringing your personality out of your company. You deserve to find that personality again. You deserve to connect with consumers on a level that has never been touched in the world of traditional marketing.

A world that is controlled by the consumer but when you crack it… when you become a part of the community.. the flood gates will open and you will find your personality again.

Unless you never had one to begin with…

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