I am a huge advocate of applications that allow you to create your own personalized community. In my opinion Ning has perfected the system of geographic or niche social networks. What better way to start my day than read about a new niche Micro-Blogging application out on the net. Thanks to Zee over at The Next Web for making me aware of a new system called Twingr.

I have stolen the Twingr demo video from Zee. I don’t think he will mind.

I haven’t quite figured out how a small business owner could use the Twingr application. Web 2.0 conventions and seminars could definitely take advantage of this tool by connecting the attendees.

I am still waiting for an application that solves the “ROI” problem of Social Media. I am getting tired of new applications being launched that are simply tweaks to older, more successful programs….

If you ask me… that sounds like a blog post.

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