From my post at I Choose Indy.

I ended up in Indianapolis after finishing up college in Anderson, IN. It was a pretty logical choice geographically at the beginning of the decision making process of where to go from here. We have all been in that situation.  After moving to Indianapolis, I found that it was the people that captured my love for this city not necessarily the economic environment. I have met mentors here that I will have for many years to come.

I have made it a priority to meet and surround myself with professional and successful business owners I can learn from and, let me tell you, there is no shortage of them here in Indianapolis.

Through Smaller Indiana, Rainmakers Marketing Group, IndyMojo, and other networking establishments and social gatherings in Indianapolis, I have met hundreds of WONDERFUL people. Thank you Indianapolis for opening your arms to my generation and nurturing us into the business owners of tomorrow.

A special thanks to Lorraine Ball and Tony Scelzo for mentoring me and helping me with my startup. Also, special thanks to Douglas Karr for the I Choose Indy and blogging help and Pat Coyle for starting Smaller Indiana!