The Future of Digital Marketing in Retail

Posted By on May 15, 2012 | 5 comments

I wanted to give you a sneak peek into new research and a presentation I am giving at a couple of conferences in the next week. This information is based on the changes in retailing and the customer engagement strategy of old.

The ways in which email subscribers and social media fans interact with brands are evolving rapidly. Today’s struggles is not only to build this “earned” audience but also to retain their attention in today’s noisy marketing landscape. Check out the insights and strategies obtained after analyzing the offline and online marketing behavior of NRF’s 100 fastest growing retailers.

The Future of Retail Marketing
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  1. Digital marketing has been the in thing when it comes to promotion or advertising. True enough, the internet can really be a good medium to shout out one's company. The challenge now though is to look for a seo company that will be good enough to promote you online.

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  2. According to a publication by search engine marketing sydney, the future of retail will be at the forefront of mobile marketing. It will be very difficult in competing with the much established Amazon.

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  3. That seems like a hard thing to do these days. With all the seo gimmicks in use by brands, it would take a miracle to keep a specific target market 100% "glued" to a brand. Or it could just need a more intuitive marketing campaign.

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  4. We should latch on to the social commerce model and the mobile commerce emergence. A lot of big and establish brands are pioneers when it comes to these regards. Since we are not directly competing with the likes of Amazon, we could use their model to one up our competitors in our defined target audiences.

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