Starting a Mobile Marketing Campaign? Read this First.

Posted By on Jan 31, 2013 | 1 comment

Nearly every outlet of a marketing program converges on a mobile device. Think about it. From Facebook and Twitter to email and apps, many of your consumer/brand interactions happen via mobile. Mobile marketing strategy is likely on your list of things to improve this year or you wouldn’t be reading this. But don’t worry – we have answers and best practices to share for all your mobile quandaries.

4 Stages of a Smart Mobile Strategy from ExactTarget

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  1. Good slide work. You should place referral posts (slidework from others) in a separative category. I was looking most of the posts are Uncategorized.

    But Blog is awesome!

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  1. Adapt Your Marketing To Include Mobile Devices | - [...] all devices. Keep up with technology and know what people are using. Learn how to streamline your mobile marketing …

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