I couldn’t imagine a scenario where Seth Godin would surpass my view of him as a marketing/blogging/new media GENIUS, and yet he strikes again. In his post, Hey Kids! It’s finally here he introduces his new state-of-the-art, plastic fantastic, branding guru action figure. No joke, it even comes with the “superpowers” of built Brandomatic® and PurplePower®.

I have always been impressed with the creative process of Seth Godin whether it is the packaging of his books or the outlandish ideas of an Action Figure or the coveted Purple Cow.

This should serve as an example of making marketing and “self-promotion” fun again. A plastic, Seth Godin action figure, Why not? If you want another route to create a word-of-mouth, word-of-key viral process, take note. Seth Godin has always known how to do it, and he strikes again.

I am actually looking forward to a Marc Gobe or Sergio Zyman action figure. Hopefully Sergio comes with an “Terrible Advertising Killer” sword or plasma gun.