My thoughts are italicized.

Second session of the blogINDIANA conference is a writing class with fellow Smoosier and blogger, Erik Deckers.

His Simple Rules for Writing Well
1. Use small words.
2. Use short words.
3. Do not overwrite. “You do not have to put for more information click here.”
4. Omit needless words:
5. Revise and Rewrite
Write in stream of through and then edit and repost. Make sure you edit your blog post at least once. If you are a blogger, you are a writer. If you want to be a writer you need to edit.

In the spirit of being a prick, I am not going to edit this post. :)

6. Get rid of adjectives and adverbs.
7. Know your audience.

Other Tips to Improve Your Writing:
1. Start with the end first.
2. Open with a short, clear sentence.
3. Put the recommendation/conclusion next. (Interesting thought)
4. Active voice should be used; avoid passive voice.

Good session with Erik! It is always difficult for me as a blogger to remember the proper prose? Is that the right term? :) I guess not.

It can be extremely hard to remember proper English when you write in a stream of thought. Is it unique to write straight from the head? Are we focusing to much on aesthetics and getting away from interesting content?

It is always pleasure to listen to Erik.