I love this tool. I love it so much… I just had to share about it. First, check out the link to my new BUBBLETWEET PAGE. Pretty cool huh? I probably could have spent more time recording a nice message but Jay-Z, a pen, and a pad is good enough for me.
Can you think of a better way to personalize your Twitter page even more than a customized background? YOU should go check out BubbleTweet and get one for your Twitter page.

How should you use it?

Give a personalized greeting. You have about a minute to record whatever response you would want a user to hear when entering your Twitter page.

What do I suggest?

My first suggestion is to NOT do what I did. I would doubt that the majority of your users (both potential and current) would enjoy watching you dance to Rhianna and Jay-Z. You never know though.

Thank them for coming by your page. Tell them a quick snippet about yourself. This is a great way to be transparent and show some social media authenticity!


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