New media marketer Kyle Lacy believes that companies can be lovable or dirty flirts. A lovable brand is one that establishes a two way relationship with their customers. His new product eSpace is designed to help companies to create lovable brands.

Leveraging the growing popularity of Myspace and other social networking groups, Brandswag delivers targeted and branded messages to consumers in specific demographic groups and geographic regions by utilizing Zip Code searches. At the same time it provides a wealth of data about preferences and interests of target customers, allowing companies to create more meaningful and marketable messages.

Niche markets such as restaurants, bars, clothing stores, retail stores and record labels are perfect examples of who can benefit from eSpace. By providing these markets with the ability to better understand the personal needs of each customer, eSpacestrengthens the relationship between producer and consumer.

“Many companies flirt with their customers, indiscriminately distributing marketing communication with no real interest in creating a relationship,” said Brandswag founder, Kyle Lacy. “In the future, successful brands will be built on what they learn from their customers. There is a whole new level of communication taking place on the internet through blogs and social networks. We have developed a unique expertise in the online arena and are excited to offer it through our new eSpace product.”

About Brandswag: Brandswag Corp. is focused on design, branding and new media marketing. With offices in Indianapolis and Oklahoma City, we help business owners connect with their customers and sustain profitability by presenting consistent images and messages in the marketplace. For more information visit


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