There has been some talk lately about my generation (the millenials and generation Y). Is the Internet making us genius or completely incapable of making smart decisions (dumb)?

I do not know where my opinion falls on the subject. I have had contact with brilliant Generation Y minds and also those who are still lacking the personal development needed to be successful in life.

I guess my question is this…

Did radio and TV completely erode the minds of Gen X and the Baby Boomers? Did we see a lack of control when Generation X spent a ton of time watching TV throughout the day?

The Internet has developed a communication platform that enhances the way we learn and communicate.

Generation Y may lack in terms of true research and grammar but we will never lack in connecting the the global environment.

Gone are the days when you could not communicate with the opposite hemisphere. We are living in a global information highway where knowledge is plentiful…

We may just be losing the essentials of old school thought.

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