Brad Ruggles hadan awesome picture on his blog today:

How true. How freaking true! I wrote a post last year about the concept of advertising professionals being completely out of tune to the general public.

I saw this picture on Brad’s blog and it all came completely clear to me. This may not be a huge realization for most but it hit pretty hard for me.

What is the reason we love social media so much?

Is it the information sharing? The community development? Meeting people all over the world while learning as much as possible in one sitting? In my opinion it is all of the above. We use social media because we aren’t bombarded with advertisements every ten seconds (at least in some communities). The question is then… as advertisers… how do we CHANGE the thought in the picture? How do we speak to the general public?

The answer is social media or social media marketing. There is no place in the entire world that has such a concentrated group of individuals that care about each other and care about information. You want a way to talk to people? Join their network. BE A PERSON!

We are all people. We are all striving for one thing or the other. The rat race isn’t really a rat race at all… it is more LIFE. Quit trying to hard sell

become a HUMAN.

become an INDIVIDUAL.

become a member and join one THE largest community in the world (counting at 250 million)… the Internet.

So.. I was punched in the face a second time by the thought of joining a community instead of speaking to the community…

I am going to go fix my bloody nose and hop on Twitter.

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