I feel like I am in the gold rush. We are all part of this massive push to join the online minions of the Twitter world.

I just finished reading a post by Sarah Perez from ReadWriteWeb about Nielsen Online reporting Twitter “has now surpassed Facebook and others to become the fastest-growing site in Member Communities.” I wasn’t really expecting this type of growth out of Twitter. And there is a reason for that…

It is hard to describe the concept or meaning behind the Twitter revolution. Facebook is easy to describe and (sometimes) use but Twitter?? No way.

In a way the growth of Twitter is encouraging to the Social Media enthusiast in all of us. The world of social media tools and marketing is no longer for the computer nerds stuck in their mothers basement. This world of two-way communication and online relationship building is starting to gain traction from small businesses to corporate America.

You may be asking…What do we do with this information?

To all the non-Twitter Users:

You use the stat of an increase of 1382% of unique visitors year over year (2008-2009) and beat yourself over the head until you at least TRY the tool. It is important to understand all communication tools available.

To the Twitter Users:

Congratulations. We now have a used tool.. now let’s figure out how it can be useful. :-)

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