In my blog reader infancy I used the Bloglines RSS reader service. I was pretty happy with the overall service until I discovered Google Reader , which is hands down better than BlogLines.

I had installed Bloglines as an add-on to my browsers and it had been pretty easy to subscribe to certain blogs I found valuable: you just hit the RSS button and it would direct you to the BlogLines website. This small producitivity tool soon became an annoying tool when I couldn’t figure out how to delete it from my browser. Of course, we could blame my ADD on the fact that I could not delete the service but my browser still redirects to BlogLines whenever I click the RSS button.

I wanted to delete my account so I tried to sign on and unfortunately (since I haven’t used the service in a year) my account needed a new password. The Bloglines service needed to verify my account and so they sent a verification email to my inbox. I have verified the account three times and have still not recieved any email from BlogLines.

I thought to myself, “Self. This is a web service company. Their customer support must be decent. You should try that.” I proceeded to email the customer support department and waited for the email.

and waited…

and waited..

and waited..

I have since asked for support three times through email to no avail. They have not contacted me and I have STILL not received a verification email for the account.

Does anyone see a problem here? Shouldn’t an RSS Reader Service be conscious of the ability bloggers and readers have in spreading a bad vibe/message?

I am extremely dissapointed in how Bloglines has completely ignored my requests for help in deleting their service. If I was in their shoes I would have (at least) responded with some courteousy in order to win back the account or keep the user.

This should be a prime example of how NOT to run a web service. The last thing I want to hear is that they have been busy with updates and a re-design. The last thing I want to hear is that I cannot delete my account and they would rather not help me uninstall the service.

So this is my rant about Bloglines. Screw it. If you want me to keep my account send me a stupid verification email! They are making it pretty easy for me to hate them right now.