My Employer






While the thoughts and opinions on this blog are my own, I am also a Senior Manager of Content Marketing & Research  for ExactTarget, a leading global provider of interactive marketing solutions.

My employer ExactTarget is a global Software as a Service leader for the world’s top brands. With a decade-long tradition rich in targeted email marketing software, we’re paving the way for the next generation of SaaS in the form of the Interactive Marketing Hub, a real-time, cross-channel interactive marketing solution that provides marketers with a unified view of each individual consumer-across all channels to drive customer engagement, increase sales, and improve return on marketing investment.

This is what makes ExactTarget different.

From email marketing, social media marketing and campaign management to mobile marketing and landing pages, ExactTarget inspires and enables organizations of all sizes, industries and locations to harness the power of cross-channel interactive marketing Saas.

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