(hat tip to Louis for his post here)

Louis Gray has a recent post talking about a new concept to me, a Internet disease called “Blogging Fatigue”. To many of us “novice blogger” it is easy to understand the concept of blogging fatigue. I have experienced it myself. In order for me to full understand and contemplate this phenomenon I will but a definition to it (this is not FDA approved):

Blogging fatigue:
A systematic breakdown of an individuals mental state with a range of afflictions, varying from burning sensation in ones eyes and fingers, a cold (I have nothing to talk about) sweat, followed by a gnashing of teeth and a manic scroll through Friendfeed.

Cure: Louis Gray, Colin Walker, Douglas Karr, SheGeek

Now, don’t be alarmed. If you are suffering from blogging fatigue just relax. Louis Gray has pointed out some blatant facts for many of the novice bloggers (including myself).

The truth is that unless you’re being paid specifically to blog:

* You don’t need to blog every day.
* You don’t need to post more than once a day.
* You shouldn’t feel guilty about “gaps”.
* You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone.

Usually when I am talking to an individual interested in blogging I relay four key TO DO’s to get started in the blogoshpere:

1. Start a Google Reader Account. Search for topical blogs and subscribe. Make it a point to read your Google Reader daily, much like the morning news. Google Alerts works too.

2. Make a schedule for a set amount of content created for the week. Ex: Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7am before work I am going to post content.

This allows you to create content on a normal basis. It also helps with forming the habit of reading content and posting content on a regular basis.

You will also find yourself posting randomly around the allotted days. The best posts happen at random.

3. Make sure you link to other bloggers. Find some of your favorite bloggers and link to them. Warning: Don’t link for no apparent reason. You need to link because you enjoy their content creation. Don’t be THAT annoying kid.

4. Have fun. Start blogging because you want to create content. Everyone has something to say, so say it. If you decide to start blogging make sure you are doing it for the social flavor, as well as, the business.

Start out slow and enjoy yourself.