I would recommend checking out the new Social Media Informer website… no joke… it is the complete package as your one stop shop in webbiquity. What is Webbiquity?

1) The fusion of SEO, search marketing, social media, reputation management, content marketing and interactive PR.

2) Being omnipresent on the web for the search phrase that uniquely describes you or your organization.

3) The place to find help with all of this. Webbiquity – be everywhere online. This is the definition the site provides and with a little research of my own I find this to be true.

Readers can easily navigate through the site to find the information relevant to them. The site also features a newsletter to ensure that you are as up-to-date with the world of social media… from the people who write about social media.The site features contributing writers who cover various areas from blogging, marketing, copywriting….everything.

In short, you won’t be disappointed upon visiting the site. You’ll read up-to-date social media news and can now eliminate the endless search for the most coveted news. The site was launched last Wednesday and already features a list of credible writers.. This site is a definite must read for people wanting share and learn all things of and beyond social media.

As their site promotes….Sharing is Sexy…and they have made it easy to do just that. The site has been created to share high quality content, and expose others to great writers who can help this social media mania be most beneficial to the reader.  Check it out.