I was just about to leave to enjoy a frosty brew at a local establishment here in Indianapolis. I decided to check the inbox one more time before leaving a found I had a new comment on my blog! COOL! I opened the email and read down the message:

Author : WMDukeofEarl
E-mail :
Build your Linkedin network quickly and easily by inviting open networkers to connect.

I am offering 1250+ Linkedin ( Linked in ) connections, or in other words, a list (in Microsoft .CSV) of 1250+ e-mail addresses ready to be uploaded on LinkedIn and to which you can instantly send invitations to connect. All of the individuals whose e-mail addresses are on this list have been screened and are self-declared open networkers and should be trusted to accept all invites. Please visit my auction on ebay! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320309384428

Talk about ruining my night. No, I don’t want to bid on your LinkedIN contact book. No, I don’t want to turn an awesome social community platform into another worthless, waste filled, email marketing wasteland. I would appreciate it if you would respect the concept of relationship building, as well as, the idea of open collaboration between individuals. Maybe you should try and form a relationship every once in awhile instead of doing a friend train and then ruining your 1250+ connections you have gained.

This is one example of how certain people are ruining the world of social media. You can use it as a marketing platform but don’t turn it into a InfoSeek USA.

I am going to go drink because I feel like I was just gassed with poisonous BS fumes.

And no I will not approve your comment and quit spamming my BLOG!