I am a huge fan of conservative talk radio. This is based not on the fact that I enjoy the viewpoints expressed on the stations but that it entertains me, plain and simple. I had been listening to an FM talk radio station, 93.9, religiously since I moved to Indianapolis (about 6 months). I would spend most of my driving time tuned into this talk show.

Then my world came to a crashing halt. I tuned in one afternoon, hoping to listen to the “Stop Hillary Express” of Sean Hannity, but all I received was Grandma Got Run Over by A Reindeer by some folk singer. I shrugged it off wanting to believe that it was a commercial, but the murderous reindeer was followed by the cheery tune of White Christmas. I had NO idea what had just happened.

Being a concerned citizen, I called the station asking what happened to the talk radio of which I had grown so fond. A very rude caller told me, “Well, we are playing Christmas music now. It should be back for a couple of days at the beginning of the week.” As you may guess, Talk Radio 93.9 was lost for the next two weeks in a white, wintry wonderland.

WIBC, the flagship talk station of Indianapolis had also done a similar stint, switching over to the FM dial to 93.1. The only difference is, they ANNOUNCED it over and over and over and over again months leading up to the switch.

I don’t know whether or not 93.9 switched back to talk radio after the holiday season but I am choosing not to check.I am curious to find out how many listeners they alienated when they automatically switched over to Christmas music without alerting the listener base.

As a business owner (which 93.9 is clearly owned by a flagship company) I would have went the route of WIBC by alerting my listeners, my customers!

The irony of this situations is that an entity that is firmly based in the art of conversation was incapable of conversing with their own customer.