We have heard the hell-fire-brimstone-preach-from-the-heavens marketing speak from every consultant on the face of the planet. Through all the conversations there are a couple of themes emerging from the direct-to-consumer conversations and mobile is one of them.

According to the Morgan Stanley Mobile Report of 2010 growth in the mobile Internet world is driven primarily by 3G adoption and the smartphone revolution. We are going to be experiencing record breaking growth where the mobile Internet marketing will be “at least 2x the size of the Desktop Internet market.”

Here are some additional stats from the Morgan Stanley report:

  • 3G penetration is going to hit 20% globally in 2010
  • Penetration rate is Western Europe will increase by 50%
  • Mobile data traffic will increase by 4000% by 2014

What does this mean for the retail and direct-to-consumer world? It is time to start thinking about how your brand is selling, interacting, and communicating with the outside world. We are on the cusp of something revolutionary in the world of mobile computing. The iPad is just the starting point for a movement that will change the face of customer communication.

How do you utilize the tools that already exist for your benefit? Let’s look at the different social and mobile applications that will benefit your business.

Download the full report by clicking here > socialmediawhitepaper