5 Surprising Statistics from Social Media

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It is always important to stay on top of trends in the industry. While I don’t encourage actually strategy and budget decisions being made on just statistics… it is important to understand the growth and decline of tools in the marketing world.

I stumbled across this infographic on Mashable from Ignite, a social media consulting firm. There were some pretty spectacular stats built into the graphic. Here are the top five:

1. The youngest demographic social networks (Ages 0-17) are Habbo.com and imvu.com

2. Surprisingly, imvu.com was also one of the top social networks with the highest percentages of women.

3. The oldest demographic social network (65+) is Plaxo.com and Newsvine.com

4. The top fastest growing social networks are Tumblr, Weibo and LinkedIn

5. The top three richest social networks (income) are LinkedIn, Plaxo, and Yelp.

It is important to note that the study is pulling data from all over the world. Even more important to note… it appears that the growth of social networking and social media tools is leveling off.

What do you think about the stats and the growth rate of social media?


  1. Thanks for this post, Kyle. It just goes to show that we've got to stay on our toes. It's important to really look at and get to know the demographic that we're targeting and figure out where we're most likely to find them online.

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  2. I see the SoMe environment as a Wild West frontier with speculators staking claim and settling in to build 'community'… and, some will grow to bustling commercial success and others will find themselves sleepy little villages and others still will shut down like ghost towns.
    As an advertising & marketing strategist, I spend so much of my time immersed in user-centric experience and consumer behavior, so I evaluate business strategy and success thru this lens.
    I think what happens in the digital sphere mimics the real world. Consumers connect with SoMe environments the way they connect with brands – with both tangible and intangible drivers in play.
    All these SoMe environments are like little towns with particular functional and aspirational attributes. For example, Austin, Texas is quite different from Dallas, Texas. And I moved to Austin because the hippie/tech vibe resonated with me personally. It satisfied my needs – a great University town with plenty of arty/techie, open-minded people that I would connect with. I stayed there a long time, but eventually, I moved to NYC because I had ambitions that only that city could provide (a robust global ad industry).
    I believe that's what we see in the SoMe landscape. People do and will find the SoMe environment that fits or satisfies them and their particular (emotional/functional) needs. They'll call it home or maybe just home-base (facebook) until and/or if and when they decide to visit someplace else out of curiosity or because a trusted friend checked it out and encouraged them to take a tour (stumbleupon) or their life circumstances require that they check out another community (linkedin). Some SoMe environments will ever hold our hearts, but we'll find ourselves vacationing or taking sabbaticals in other environments – daily, weekly or otherwise.
    What happens in the real world, happens in the digital landscape. All the various SoMe players have to be who they are, i.e. Dallas can't be Austin. And to stay competitive, they have to know who they are, who their audience is, how to be valuable and relevant to that audience and how to stay valuable and relevant with them.
    So stake your claim, dig in your boot heels and grow with the help of your community, because if you (the SoMe platform) aren't doing good, by, for and with your folk, you'll be Tombstone soon enough.
    it's the modern Wild West out there – no need for folks to hitch up a horse and wagon to make a move.

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  3. Hey, that’s the graetset! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?

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