1 in 4 US Adults Use Mobile Applications

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Smartphones aren’t just for the tech-savvy anymore. According to Mashable, 1 in 4 U.S. adults now use mobile applications. It is no secret that cell phone use has increased over the past couple of years. Currently, cellphones are losing steam while smartphone usage is more commonly the first choice in mobile phones. Smartphones can do more than connect you to the Internet. They provide the user with a variety of applications. Among the most popular apps are those that provide entertainment… surprising huh?

In a recent Pew Internet Project survey a national sample of 1,917 cell phone users were asked about cell phone applications. Of the 82% of adults today use cell phones with 43% of users with apps on their phones. It’s been understood that app users are younger and more aware of current technologies. This survey was able to confirm that app users tend to be younger, more educated, and more affluent.

Overall… application users still rank low when compared to other uses of cell phones. Only 29% of users have downloaded an application  while the highest percentage is at 76% of users taking pictures with cell phones. For those who do have applications on their phones, the average user has 18 applications.

Again, there is some uncertainty among cell phone users… particularly older cell phone users… about what software they have on their phones.  Fully 18% of cell phone users with apps on their phones do not know how many they have.  That figure doubles to 36% among cell phone users age 50 and older.

Finally, the survey showed that there is still some uncertainty among older cell phone users. The uncertainty is in what software they actually have on their phones. 18% of cell phone users with apps  on their phones do not know how many they actually have or what they do. When considering cell phone users over 50 that percentage doubles to 36%.


  1. So…us old folks are pretty confused. What's this apps thing you speak of? Seriously, we need to consider, especially us old geezers, who sometimes forget about mobile use, how it effects our SM planning. Your thoughts and advice please?

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  2. I actually just upgraded from a cell phone to a Blackberry. I'm still having some issues with utilizing the applications but I do understand the desire to improve and increase mobility (in all aspects). The sole reason I upgraded was to have email accessibility for the people at work.

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  3. That’s not just the best aneswr. It’s the bestest answer!

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